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Free lesson Plans and Themes

math lesson plans, preschool and elementary school lessons plans Free printable lesson plan template and lessons planning for preschool, kindergarten, and primary school. Fun educational activities and worksheets for kids to learn reading, math, English grammar, and crafts.

School teachers and parents can print out printable worksheets, reading materials, science projects, lesson plan forms, teaching materials, theme writing paper and coloring pages, and free learning games for your toddler, or school age children to use at preschool class room or at home.

Preschool/kindergarten lessons and themes

This section offers free printable teaching resources, arts and crafts ideas, and themed activities printables,and mini-units on culture and famous people for preschools, daycare centers, and christian schools.
All about me preschool activities, All about me life cycle lesson plans
All about me

My face all about me preschool teaching lesson plan.

preschool Alphabet activities, alphabet lesson plans
Alphabet lesson plans

Letter coloring book, read, trace, and write English letters worksheets.

preschool arts lesson plans, arts and craft projects
Arts lesson plan

Step by step drawing activity sheets, learn draw pictures lessons.

preschool Birds lesson plans, Birds theme printables
Birds lesson plans

Preschool birds observatory fun facts lesson plan and bird hatching projects.

butterfly life cycle preschool activities, butterfly lesson plans
Butterfly lesson plan

Free butterfly life cycle printout and butterfly vocabulary activities.

preschool Color lesson plan, printable colors and shapes activities
Color lessons plan

Teaching colors words lessons, find right colors worksheets and crafts.

Farm animals teaching unit, Farm animals preschool lesson plans
Farm animals unit

Learn farm animals fast facts, farm animals drawing and coloring lesson plan.

Four seasons preschool lesson plan, seasonal activities
Four seasons lessons

Introduce 4 seasons to the class. discuss signs and make seasonal collages.

Insects and bugs free preschool activities, bugs lesson plans
Insects lesson plan

Kinds and body parts identification of insects and bugs teaching materials.

Jungle animals theme and preschools lesson plans
Jungle animals theme

Jungle animals list, craft projects, and free printable memory games.

Money preschool activitie and money lesson plans
Money lesson plans

Teach kids coin identification, couting, and purposes of money. Play fun money games.

Motor skills activities, Motor skills lesson plans
Motor skills activities

Exercise cut and paste in order, group things, and develop fine motor skills.

preschool math worksheets, Numbers and math lesson plan
Math lesson plans

Printable numbers activities and math worksheets for preschoolers.

preschool reading lesson plans,beginning reading worksheets
Reading lesson plan

Preschool phonics games. Read and answer questions, group things free picture pages.

Transportation preschool activities, cars, truck, and airplanes lesson plans
Transportation lessons

Toy train theme alphabet letters coloring book for preschoolers to color and study.

Plants preschool lessons and free preschool activities
Plants thematic units

Sing how plants grow nursery rhymes and show functions of the plants. Field trip tips to study leaves and seeds.

pets preschool lessons plan and free printables
Pets lesson plan

Children's favorite pets theme printables. Easy crafts project, pet counting games, pets science lessons.

Weather lesson plan, preschool weather activities
Weather lesson plan

Students learn weather words and understand kinds of weathers. Print out shapebook templates and writing paper.

Elementary school lesson plans

This page offers free printable worksheets, activity sheets, and learning games for elementary school 1st grade to 3rd grade lesson planning.

100 days of school lessons
100 days of school

Count to 100 and Ways to get to 100 worksheets. Free printable templates for kids to create own mini-books of 100's. draw 100 dots on ladybugs craft projects.

Alaska kids activities and lesson plans
Alaska kids activities

Alaska kids learning activities and guide about Alaska animals, history of Alaska, map of alaska, Alaska abbreviation and facts about Alaska.

China lesson plan and teaching unit
China lesson plan

1st grade lessons about dragons, Chinese Zodiac, Map of China and facts about China, the Giant panda, and the Great Wall of China.

Dinosaur kids guide, dinosaur kids books and crafts print out

Kids' favorite learning theme: dinosaure. Learn dinosaur fun facts, kinds and a list of dinosaurs you want to learn, color dinosure print outs for kids.

Estimate and measure 1st grade lesson plans and activities
Estimate lesson plan

First grade math lesson plan on estimate and measure capacity. Guessing jar worksheet templates. Free printable measuring metric units.

Farm animals lessons and teaching unit
Farm animals lessons

Free printable farm animal theme unit, fun farmyard words bank and words games, farm animal writing paper, and farm animal name tags.

George Washington facts and crafts print out
George Washington

Facts about George Washington, first president of the united states,capital of the USA, history of USA, why George Washington is called the "Father of his Country".

Groundhog day history and activities
Groundhog day

Celebrate Groundhog day free printable reading comprehension worksheets, story writing skills practice, learn Groundhog day history and fun facts about Grounhogs.

Hanukkah lesson plans
Hanukkah lesson plans

Lesson plan and activities for elementary students to learn about Chanukkah terms,means, and definations, the Jewish Festival of Lights.

Pond Animals lesson plans
Pond Animals

learn interesting facts of pond animals and baby pond animals, pond animals habitat and hatch,and understand pond animals needs.

Sea animals theme unit and kids activities
Sea animals unit

Ocean animals themes worksheets, coloring pictures,and science project. Free underwater creatures flash cards and educational printouts.

Seeds and plants lesson plans
Seeds and plants

Learn how seeds sprout and grow, learn leaves, roots, plants parts funcations and their jobs, plants as food, plants and plants in four seasons,

Sentences lesson plans

Teaching English sentences. Understand parts of sentence,and different kinds of sentences.

Symmetry and Shapes worksheets and lessons
Symmetry and Shapes

Recognize geometry shapes and symmetry. Students create shapes that have symmetry.

Spring season lesson plans
Spring theme unit

Spring lesson plan for elementary school. Make a spring kite and write a spring poem.

Toddler lyric and reading list