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Free Printable Patterns Worksheets and Games

Free printable fun picture pattern recognition worksheets. Read pictures to identify patterns. Circle the picture comes next to complete the pattern. Beginner level, intermediate, and advanced levels for different age groups or math levels.

Counting patterns worksheets

counting patterns, patterns games, free printable patterns worksheets Free printable counting pattern recognition worksheets for kids to learn and recognize counting patterns, like count by 1, count by 5, count by 100 patterns. Fill in the right nubmers to follow and complete the pattern.

Shapes patterns worksheets

shape patterns games and worksheets Look at the shapes patterns. Find the pattern and draw more shapes to continue the pattern, or color shape pictures to create a pattern. Shapes used include star, triangle, rectangle, circle, etc.

Easy picture patterns worksheets

picture patterns, patter games, teaching patterns math lesson plans Begining picture patterns games for young children at kindergarten or 1st grade level students to identify patterns and complete the patterns. Worksheets have fun themes like ocean animals, fruits, farm animals pictures that kids like.
Print out pattern games : -   1   2   3  4  5  6

Intermediate picture patterns

Intermediate patterns worksheets for students to observe picture patterns and tell which illustrations or shapes come next.
Print out patterns worksheet : -   1   2   3  4  5   6

Advanced picture pattern worksheets

Free printable challenging patterns worksheets for elementary school students to study and recognize picture and symbol patterns, fill to complete patterns.
Print out pattern worksheets : -   1   2   3  4  5  6  7

Easy Numbers patterns activities

number pattern worksheets with printable answer sheet
Finding the pattern in numbers sequences. Beginner level patterns worksheets for students to use addition or subtraction to identify the patterns. Good for primary school level students.
beginner level number sequence worksheets with printable answer sheets

Intermediate number pattern worksheets

Recognize abstract patterns with rows of numbers that follow a mathematical rule. Follow the sequence and find the missing numbers.Two steps or two different operations are used to make the patterns.

Advanced number series worksheets

Recognizing patterns using series of numbers.Advanced number pattern worksheets for students to find out the math rules and complete the number sequences. Answer sheets are available for paretns and teachers to print out.
Describe patterns worksheets

Describe picture patterns

describe picture patterns
The pattern or set of operations that are used is often called the rule. Look at the pictures, find repeating patterns, and describe the patterns.

Describe number patterns

Numbers can have interesting patterns. Recognize and write down patterns such as Arithmetic Sequence (adding some value each time.), Geometric Sequence (by multiplying by some value each time), Special Sequences, Square Numbers, cube numbers, Fibonacci Numbers.

2nd grade patterns and sequence worksheets

Print out lesson plans and teaching themes materials:

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