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Games, Free Games

Free online kids games, free computer games, free holiday games for kids Mother's Day Game
Free games for kids to play to celebrate Mother's day. Preschool mother's day games, mother's day dress up game, memory games of mom pictures, design a spring garden with mom, kitchen words games.

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Puzzle games

free online puzzles games for kids, free dinosaurs games Aardvark     Tiger     Panda     Coral     Dinosaur     Whale puzzle games    

Spring puzzle games     Tree puzzle     Boy puzzle     Blueberry puzzle     Owl birds puzzles

Funny kitten online puzzle     Funny dog puzzle game

Web sliding puzzles for kids to play. Game player won't need to download any additional plugins or software on your computer. Play online for free.

iPhone games, iPad games, and iTouch games for kids to play and learn for free. Use our web URL to access games on your iPhone.

Games for school

Counting games - numbers up to 10
Play online games. Free counting games for kids to count up to 10. Best iPhone/iPad apps for kids to learn numbers and counting.

Alphabetical order games 1    2    Picture ABC order games
English language arts games. Play alphabetical order games. Put English words in ABC order. Free online interactive games for kids to play and learn. Good for pre-k/kindergarten children and elementary school students. online memory games, concertration computer games, free games for kids

Positional words games
Play position word games with you child that will introduce Directional and Positional words like above, under, next to, in front of, left, right, on, bottom. Kids need to follow directions and drag and drop the pictures to show the correct positions.

Sorting games
Play free online sorting games with animals, colors and shapes, plants, food, weather, feelings.Fun learning games for kids to sort pets by size, by color, by color, and by living habits.

Type game
This game will generate the 26 English letters randomly and the letters will float in the computer screen. Try to type the letters that are shown on the computer screen as fast as you can.

Girl Games

games, dress up games, girl games Dress up games
Free online games for girls to play dress up games on their computers. Dress up girl games, dress up winter coat clothes and winter outfits.

Lady dress up games
Free games for girls to play dress up games. Girls makeover games to dress up lady doll with fancy dress, necklace, hats, short skirt, dance dresses.

Memory Game

Picture memory game

Letters memory game
Play Concentration memory game online. Free computer games for kids and adults to enjoy and entertain.

Valentine's day greeting card memory game
Play pink rose, teddy bear memory game online. Free computer games for kids and adults to enjoy and have fun.

Fun Kids Game

Grow your apple tree game    2    3    4    5    6
Grow your own apple tree by drag and drop apples onto an apple tree, and harvest apples, pick apples from apple tree. Follow directions to learn read numbers, count numbers up to 20, simple subtraction, counting and adding numbers, and positional words like left, right, central. Free online games for school and education programs.
Spy game
Search for the spy hidden in a field.
Tic Tac Toe game
Play Tic Tac Toe game online. Free computer games for kids and adults to enjoy and entertain.
Math games
Sequencing Numbers Math Games. Fill in the Missing Numbers to complete the number sequence.
Dinosaurs games
Play free online dinosaur memory games and sliding puzzles.

Holiday games for kids

kids holiday games
  • Free online Valentine's day games for kids
    Free games for kids to play on Valentine's day. Online games to play odd one out. Interactive games to find the odd one out: roses, teddy bear. Play this game on your iPad/iPhone.iTouch.
  • Free kids sprint time games
    Spring theme odd one out games for kids to spot the difference and find the different one.
  • Free kids summer season games
    Suumer theme games for kids to play in summer vacation trips, or summer camp group activities. Summer school teachers can print out sea animals sorting games, whether games and What comes next? and summer phonics games.
  • Happy Halloween words search puzzles
    Free printable Halloween search for words puzzle games.
  • Merry Christmas holiday games
    Free printable Christmas patterns games, unscramble games, Christmas words matching games, and alphabet games.
  • Free printable games for kids

    free printables games, printable math games, school games
  • Things that go together games
  • Patterns and shapes math game
  • Maze paper games
  • Free printable animal games
  • Calendar game, read clock and learning time games
  • Dots to dots games to connect dots by numbers or by letters
  • What's missing? Guessing who, and what doesn't belong observation games
  • Winter, spring, Christmas, Halloween holiday and seasonal games
  • Phonics games

Print out lesson plans and teaching themes materials:

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