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Insects and bugs lesson plan and activities

insects preschool activities, insects lesson plans,insects thematic units This lesson plan will help toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarten students to understand the many types of insects and their characteristics. Print out free lesson plans, arts and crafts, activities, insect coloring pages and related early childhood resources.
Discuss and introduce different kinds of insects to the class room. Print out high definition insect photos like Ant, Ladybug Beetle or Ladybird, Snail, Spider, butterfly, ladybugs, Caterpillar, Earwig,Mantodea. Do insect body parts observation unit. Ask students what kinds of insects they know and they like.

    • Insects lesson plan - kinds of insects

    • Ask your students questions about insects. Print out the popular insects pictures and ask waht kinds of bugs can fly,What do insects do with their wings? What kinds of food do insects eat? Show pictures of bugs and ask your students to identify body parts of an insect.

    • Insects lesson plan - Alphabet activities

    • Teachers can bring a small bugs animal, like rabbit, or Guinea Pig, etc. Discuss with your students what kind of food that this bugs can eat, fee the bugs, observe bugs behavior, discuss bugs body part identification, and bugs animal care. insects and arts preschool activities, insects math lesson plans,preschool language and letters thematic units

    • Insects lesson plan - insects memory games

    • Print out insects picture memory cards. Cut the cards into individual instect. Then play match card games with your students. Match cards by bugs type, insect color, or insect size. You can print ladybugs card, butterfly cards, and spider memory cards.

    • Free printable kids insects arts activities sheets

    • Print out insects arts activities sheets and ask your preschool and Kindergarten students draw their own pictures on the insects body to finish the picture. Kids can use their imagination to draw patterns and colors on ladybug, butterfly, wings of bee, and draw skins on snakes.

    • Insects lesson plan - insects shapebook templates

    • Free printable insects shape books for young children to write or draw. Teachers can print out cute butterfly shape book templates, ladybug shapebook template, beetle shape book template, and dragon shape book pages for your students. insects and arts preschool activities, insects math lesson plans,preschool language and letters thematic units

    • Insects and arts lesson plans - draw insects and insects coloring pictures

    • Free printable step by step instructions to teach kids how to draw insects. Also free printable insects coloring pages, kitten coloring pictures, fish coloring pictures,puppy coloring pictures,dog coloring pictures. Kids can follow these steps and draw pictures of dogs, or draw a picture of hen, or draw pictures of turtle and color pictures.

    • Insects lesson plan - insects facts

    • Learn fun fast facts about snail and spiders, photos gallery of insects, four-stage lifecycle of butterfly, habits of insects, Notable species, insects Evolution and migration facts. insects preschool math activities, insects math lesson plans, preschool insects and bugs math worksheets

    • Insects lesson plan - insects math

    • Free printable insects addition math worksheets, insects picture subtraction math worksheets for preschool and early childhood math programs.Free printable insects subtraction math worksheets and insects addition math worksheets. Ask students count the numbers of insects and write down answers. Teachers and parents can print out bunny math worksheets, cute kitten math worksheets, puppy and dogs math worksheets, and fish math worksheets.

    • Insects lesson plan - insects numbers and counting activities

    • Free printable insects numbers activities sheets and counting worksheets for preschool and Kindergarten kids to learn counting and numbers. Practice counting and writing the number and number word, Color by numbers worksheets, make numbers activities sheets, count and tally numbers worksheets,Counting and matching numbers preschool worksheets.

    • Insects lesson plan:- insects game
      Cut and paste activities. sorting insects. School teachers and parents can print out these picture insects activities worksheets and ask your students to sort insects by insects color, by insects kind, by insects size, or by bugs food they eat.

    • Insects lesson plan:- insects crafts

    • Easy kids insects crafts and arts activities. Cheap or free materials. Use used cups to make cup insects.
      • Make paper bee
      • Cut paper dragonfly

    • insects lesson plan:- insects writing paper
      Free printable insects writing paper. Free printable stationary(stationery) for teachers and students. Cute insects stationary paper. Print free bugs stationary(stationery), butterfly primary lined writing paper, ladybugs border paper, butterfly stickers stationery and butterfly custom note cards, Free spider kids writing paper.

    • insects lesson plan:- insects name tags
      Free printable insects name tags and insects id tags. Free printable name tags for insects lovers.Print out cute insects coloring name tags and cute butterfly name tags.

    • Insects lesson plan:- insects books and stories

    • There are many excellent bugs books and stories about insects that teachers can read to your children to help them learn more about insects. Some examples are
      • Aesop's Fables: The Ants and the Grasshopper
      • Aesop's Fable: The Bear and the Bees
      • Caterpiller to Butterflie
      • The Grouchy Ladybug
      • Ten Little Ladybugs
      • Anansi the Spider: A Tale From the Ashanti
      • Butterfly House
      • A Firefly Named Torchy
      • Hey, Little Ant
      • Insects Are My Life
      • The Itsy Bitsy Spider

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