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Grade one farm animals lesson plans and activities

    Free first grade China lesson plans, Chinese culture units

  1. Farmyard fun words
    Fun games for primary students to learn farm yard words reading clues.

  2. Farm animal word bank
    Free printable farm animal writing worksheets for grade 1 students to learn farm animals adjectives words, verbs, and how to write complete sentences about farm animals.

  3. Farm animal writing templates
    Free printable farm animal writing templates for primary students to use the farm animal word bank and write describing words, verbs, nouns, and where clause about cow or other farm animals.

  4. Farm animal words games
    Free printable farm animal words Scramble games and word search games. Teachers and parents can print out these picture word games and use them as farm animals lesson plan resources.

  5. Farm animal word bank
    Free printable reading comprehension worksheets for grade one students to learn and test reading on George Washington.

    Images used in this lesson plan are in the public domain because their copyrights have expired.