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Free printable kindergarten worksheets and learning games

School and learning center teachers can print out more than 2000 free kindergarten math worksheets and math problem solving exercises, picture and number patterns worksheets, positional and measurement worksheets, pre-k/kindergarten level read clocks and telling time problems, and sorting, fractions, comparing worksheets.

  • Addition and subtraction
    Adding pictures and numbers up to 10. Subtract pictures and numbers math operation worksheets.

  • Counting math worksheets
    Kindergarten students learn counting and skip-counting numbers up to 100.

  • Patterns math worksheets
    Counting patterns, picture patterns, and easy number sequences problems.
  • Before and after numbers worksheets
    Before and after numbers

    Free online tool to generate numbers worksheets.

     numbers sorting worksheets
    Sort by numbers worksheets

    Pre-k/kindergarten number sorting games.

     problem solving worksheets
  • Math reasoning worksheets

    Teach kindergarten students to solve numbers math problems with logic reasoning.

  • color by number worksheets
  • Read and color by number

    Read numbers and color by number kindergarten math worksheets.

  • tally number worksheets
  • Tally numbers worksheets

    Write tally marks pre-k/ kindergarten math worksheets.

  • odd and even numbers
  • Odd and even number

    Find all even or odd numbers in these math worksheets.

  • skip counting number worksheets
  • Skip counting number worksheets

    Skip-counting by 2, by 5, by 10 up to 100 .

  • number comparing
  • Compare number worksheets

    Compare 2 digit numbers and 2 groups of pictures.

  • ordinal numbers worksheets
    Ordinal numbers worksheets

    Tell position and learn order of numbers math worksheets.

    Free printable kindergarten English worksheets

    More than hundreds of kindergarten English language arts worksheets for school teachers or parents to print out, covering reading comprehension, writing templates, phonics scramble games, daily phonemic awareness exercises, rhyming words, fill in the missing letters to complete words, and more language arts practices.
  • Reading worksheets
    Beginning reading exercises for kids to learn read pictures, find the same ones, and group things that go together.
  • Spelling worksheets
    Students to read, copy and write common kindergarten words and build up vocabulary.
  • Writing worksheets
    Kindergarteners to write about me, family and friends, 1st school day, 5 senses booklet.
  • Common words list
    Complete Kindergarten sight words flash cards.
  • Words games
    Kindergarten words puzzle games for students to search for words that start with consonant letters.
  • Kindergarten word wall
    Free printable high frequency words posters for class room walls.
  • ABC order worksheets
    Printable and downloadable words alphabetical order worksheets for kindergarten
  • Phonics worksheets
    Teach kids long and short vowels, Initial Consonants, word families, and beginning sound.
  • Connect the dots puzzles
    Dots to dots games for kindergarteners to connect the letter dots and get a coloring picture.
  • Science projects and worksheets

      guess who games kindergarten animal science
    1. Your body
      Cut and paste words to lable human body parts.

    2. Fruits or vegetables?
      ask your students cut and paste the fruits and vegetables pictures into the right place.

    3. Guess who animal games
      Look at the animal silhouette contour and guess what animals are they.

    4. Weather learning activities
      Cut and paste to lable weather using:rainy snowy windy sunny lighting cloudy

    5. Desert plants
      This kids science worksheet help pre-k/kindergarten students to learn desert nature plants.

    6. Animal babies
      Draw a line to match animals mothers and their Babies to learn animal names. colors of the rainbow kindergarten science education

    7. Season learning activities
      Cut and paste to lable the four seasons.

    8. Colors of the Rainbow
      Print this bright color rainbow image for your kids science lab.

    9. Jungle animals cut and paste
      Print this kids science worksheet out and ask your pre-k/kindergarten students cut and paste jungle animals into the right place. T

    10. Five Senses
      This science education project is to teach kids aobut 5 senses.

    11. Can they fly?
      Print this kids science worksheet out and ask your pre-k/kindergarten students cut and paste animals that can fly .

    12. Are they Mammals?
      Teach young kids the science facts about mammals.

    Holiday/seasonal theme worksheets

      seasonal worksheets and games for pre-k/kindergarten students
    1. October fall theme activities
      Fall theme worksheets and learning games.

    2. November theme worksheets
      November month sign, Thanksgiving theme worksheets, and cliparts for teaching.

    3. Christmas number book
      Printable book templates for students to write the numbers and make a Christmas theme number book.

    4. Print out four seasons books
      Free printable spring, summer, fall, and winter theme mini-book templates with picture signs of the season.

    Kindergarten sorting worksheets

    kindergarten sorting worksheets Free printable sorting worksheets for pre-k/kindergarten students to use logical reasoning to solve problems. Worksheets teach students about categorization and sorting rules to sort objects by kind, sort animals by behavior, sort by size, by temperature, etc and more hands on exercises.
    1. Color the one that is different

    2. sort by color

    3. sorting by kind

    4. sorting by size

    5. Sort by number worksheets

    6. What doesn't belong?
      Print out lesson plans and teaching themes materials:

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