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Preschool motor skills lesson plans and activities

Free printable motor skill developing activities for kids to learn letters, numbers, shapes, and picture words. Students need to cut and paste in pictures in order as instructed.

Also kids at 4-5 years age can play with the computer mouse or use touch screen iPad/iPhone to play skill-building online positional games, fun grow an apple tree games to develop eye-hand coordination gross motor skills.

preschool motor skills activities, motor skills lesson plans
Cut and paste letters in alphabetical order

preschool arts lesson plans, arts and craft projects
Cut and paste numbers in numerical order

preschool motor skills and sorting activities,colors motor skills lesson plans
Cut and glue pictures by color

Cut and paste shapes preschool lessons
Cut and paste shapes

Preschool and daycare center motor skills lesson materials and printouts.

Cut and paste position words preschool lessons
Positional exercises

Follow directions and cut paste pictures words into right position.

preschool arts lesson plans, arts and craft projects
Grow an apple tree

Play free online games to drag and drop apples to an apple tree.

paper crafts preschool lessons
Paper craft projects

Easy kids crafts ideas for preschoolers to make paper craft cups, paper animals and decorations.

finish pictures preschool drawing and motor skills lessons
Finish the pictures

Free printable drawing worksheets for children to draw image details and develop drawing and motor skills.

preschool Christmas lesson plans, Christmas craft projects
Deco Christmas tree

Use fine motor skills to cut small pictures out and decorate a Christmas tree and make own photo frame.

Kindergarten motor skills activities

cut and paste sorting games
Cut and paste vegetables    apple tree

learn the difference between fruits and vegetables. Cut and glue apples to the tree.

cut and paste house
House and farm animals

Cut and paste farm animals into the yard.

Cut and paste preschool activities and worksheets
ABC order worksheets

Print out lesson plans and teaching themes materials:

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