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2nd Grade

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Free Printable Geometry Shapes Worksheets

Preschool shapes     Pre-k/ Kindergarten     1st/ 2nd grade

Preschool recognize shapes worksheets
Preschool learn names and shape characteristics of triangle, square, heart, and rectangle shapes.

Geometry shapes flashcards
Free printable shapes flash cards for day care center and preschool classroom for early childhood math education.

 shapes coloring worksheets Counting shapes
Preschool count shapes and write numbers learning games.

Basic shapes coloring page #1      Page #2      Page #3      Page #4

Identify and color all squares and triangle shapes in the picture

Identify and color ploygon, circle, and rectangles shapes

Kindergarten Shapes Worksheets

Free printable Kindergarten pre-k shapes Math Worksheets and shapes games for kids to learn shapes names and shape recognition. Student need to be able to identify and label shapes after these hands on exercises. Teachers and parents can also print out shapes coloring pages, shapes flash cards, shapes matching game for fun learning activities.
coloring shapes worksheets
Color diamond, stars, and square shapes      Identify shapes and color
symmetry shapes worksheets
Identify symmetrical shapes worksheet #1
draw line to show symmetry shapes worksheets
Draw lines of symmetry picture #1
Halves geometric worksheet for preschool and kindergarten
Halves geometric worksheet #1      #2
equal parts geometric shapes worksheets
Equal parts geometry worksheet #1      #2
learn solid shapes worksheets
Name and describe solid shapes #1      #2      #3

I Spy Shapes Worksheets

match shapes worksheets for preschool and kindergarten
Draw lines to match shapes      worksheet #2
I spy shapes worksheets for preschool and kindergarten
Can you find all the squares?
I spy triangle shapes worksheets for preschool and kindergarten
Can you find all the triangles?
free shapes worksheets
I spy triangles
I spy circle shapes
Can you find all the circles?
circle shape worksheet
Learn circle shapes in the worksheet
free rectangle shapes worksheets
I spy rectangle shapes
I spy stars shapes
Can you find all the star shapes?
learn heart shape worksheet
Circle all the heart shapes in the pictures

1st grade / 2nd grade geometry worksheets and activities

draw shape to complete the pattern
draw shape to complete the pattern
shape patterns
What shape comes next in the sequence? #1      #2
solid shape surface worksheets
Solid shapes surface
Identify solid shape surface as the plane shape.
solid shapes problem solving worksheets
Identify Solid shapes
cube, Rectangular prism, Pyramid, Cone, Cylinder, Sphere.
Solid shape problem solving
Solid shape problem solving.
Circle shapes used to make the objects
solid shape surface worksheets
Solid shapes surface
Identify solid shape surface as the plane shape.
  • Geometric shapes math worksheet
  • Count and compare geometry shape that has more sides. Free printable 1st grade geometry math worksheets.

geometry shapes worksheets for preschoolers, pre-k and kindergarten students and teachers
  • Solid shapes math worksheet
  • Identify names and characteristic of planar and solid shapes, Count faces, edges, and vertices of solid shapes.

  • Polygon shapes geometry worksheets
  • Geometry Shapes Lessons for elementary school. Teach regular polygon and irregular polygon, shape symmetries.

  • Solid shapes math worksheet
  • Primary school geometry worksheets for elementary school students color and recognize polygon shapes.

  • Perimeter geometry worksheets
  • Primary school calculating perimeter of polygon shapes using square units and measurement length of sides.

Print out lesson plans and teaching themes materials:

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