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Seeds and plants 1st grade lesson plans and activities

    Free first grade plants and seeds lesson plans, plants and seeds theme units and activities printable sheets

  1. How seeds sprout?
    Find out what materials a seed need to grow: water, air, sun, soil, etc. Free printable worksheets for grade 1 students to write and draw.

  2. learn plant parts
    Free printable picture plant worksheets for grade 1 students to learn parts of plants and match pictures to words.

  3. learn plants and season
    Learn seasons and plants. Know how to tell differents by looking at the plants. Fun picture worksheets for kids to learn basic concepts of seasons and plant life cycles.

  4. Plants and seeds as food
    Plants and seeds are important food for animals and humans. Ask your students to think about what plants we could eat and plants animals eat, and draw pictures. plants and seeds lesson plans, plants and seeds theme units and activities free printable worksheets

  5. Plants counting pages
    Free printable plants and seeds themed counting worksheets. Practice counting and drawing, couting and comparing numbers, color and counting activities, count and tally seeds worksheet.Bright color activities sheets.

  6. Plants coloring pages
    Free printable plants coloring pages including leaves coloring pictures, tree coloring picture,seeds coloring picture, etc.

  7. Age of plants
    How to tell the ages of plants by looking at tree trunk. Fun fact sheet for kids to learn more about plants and their ages.

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