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2nd Grade

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Free Printable Time Worksheets

Seasons and Time activities for pre-k/kindergarten

Free printable measuring games, measuring worksheets for preschoolers, kindergarten/pre-k school teachers and students Four seasons signs
Free printable seasons of the year signs for preschool and kindergartento create educational time activities and crafts projects.

Free printable month of year signs
January - April     May - August     Sept. - Dec. Elegant free printable PDF format month signs for pre-k/kindergarten students (ages 2-6) to learn year, monthes, time facts and play games.

Days of the week
Free printable days of the week word signs and images for class room that you can create own time curriculum and lesson plans.

  • Telling time of the day worksheets

  • Kindergarten telling time of the day worksheet. Learn time words night, morning, afternoon, evening.
  • Read the clocks time worksheets

  • Free printable time worksheets for kindergarten students to read the clocks and tell time, write the time.
  • Show time on the clock

  • Draw the hour hand on the clock to show time.
  • AM or PM time worksheets

  • Tell whether it's am or pm time worksheet.
  • Read Calendar games

  • Read calendar. Find your birthday. Free printable blank calendar templates to make your own calendar time worksheets.
  • Time units time worksheets

  • Estimate the time with appropriate time units. Free printable time worksheets for pre-k/kindergarten.
  • Cut and paste summer activities

  • Summer tree, summer clothes cut and paste activities for preschoolers and kindergarten kids.
  • Seasonal learning activites

  • Four seasons lesson plan, crafts, worksheets, games, and free printables to help preschoolers and kindergarteners.

First grade - second grade time worksheets and activities

learning time, tell time, homeschool math exercise, homeschooling math plan, online math program

  • Read clock time worksheets

  • Read analog and digital clocks time, telling time, write down what time does the clock show using digits and a colon. Read time to quarter hour, whole hour, minutes.

  • Draw to show time worksheets

  • Draw hour hand and minute hand on clock face to show time to the whole hour, quarter hour, minutes. Free elementary school learning time worksheets.

  • Show time in digital clocks

  • Free printable 2nd grade and 1st grade time math worksheets for students to show time in digital format.

  • Now and later time worksheet

  • Telling time mathematics activities for 2nd grade students read start time and stop time and calculate time Elapsed.

  • AM or PM time worksheet

  • Answer time questions. Tell time is AM or PM. Real word problems for kids to learn time. learning time, tell time, homeschool math exercise, homeschooling math plan, online math program

  • Draw and write time worksheet

  • Draw and write three things you do in the evening and morning. Write complete sentence describing the event and the time it occurs.

  • Elapsed Time Worksheets

  • Real life problems for kids to solve time math problems. Read clock time and Calculate elapsed time in quarter hour and minutes

  • Estimating Time Worksheets

  • Estimation worksheets for students to estimate the time needed to do something and mark the best estimate on worksheets.

  • Time Word Problems Worksheets

  • Free printable time word problems worksheets for 2nd grade students. Time addition and subtraction math worksheets. Kids learn the concept of time passage by working on real world word problems.

  • Draw on clock

  • Draw the hour hand and the minute hand on the clock to show time.

  • Complete sentenses with appropriate time units

  • Grade two time practices. Select appropriate time units for activities.

  • Read a calendar practice

  • Write down what time does the clock show using digits and a colon.

  • Days, month, and year

  • Number of days in each month, Months of the year problems sloving.

  • Ways to say time

  • fill in the hours and minutes to complete the time sentences.

  • AM or PM time math problems

  • Answer math questions to tell whether it's AM or PM. Perfect for second grade practice. Printable worksheet.

  • Calculate time math problems

  • Answer time math questions to tell how many minutes each task takes Alan to finish. Printable second grade math time problems worksheet.

  • Show time on clock

  • Answer time math questions and show time on each clock.

Print out lesson plans and teaching themes materials:

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