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Free Printable Preschool Math Worksheets and Activities

 numbers preschool Math lesson plans, math for kids, preschool math worksheets Numbers flash cards 1 - 10
Number Recognition free printable flashcards with animals, fruits pictures for kids to read numbers and number words.

Tracing and write numbers
Free printable preschool math worksheets for kids to trace and write numbers, and learn number words 0 - 10 . Kids can pratice reading and counting numbers, circle the right numbers of objects.

Match numbers
Begining counting worksheets for preschoolers. Ask preschoolers to match the correct numbers to the pictures, balloon worksheet, and farm animals numbers lesson plans. Ask preschoolers to identify the set that has fewer or more numbers of objects

Counting numbers free printable preschool math worksheets, counting worksheets for kids

  • Preschool learning counting skills worksheets
  • Count sea animals, toys, count and color by numbers.
  • Count and compare more or fewer.
Before and after numbers free printable preschool math worksheet generator, learning numbers math activities

  • Dynamic worksheet generator for preschool teachers.
  • write down the before number and after numbers follow the rules. learn greater and less than concepts.
Comparing math worksheets

free printable preschool math worksheets, Comparing numbers worksheets for kids

  • Preschool comparing worksheets for kids to count and compare numbers of objects up to 10.
  • Count and compare more or fewer.

Color by numbers

free printable Color by numbers worksheets, preschool math lesson plans

  • Read the number word and color pictures.
  • Coloring pages for kids to learn numbers and follow instructions.
Counting and coloring free printable Counting and coloring preschool math worksheets, preschool math lesson plans

  • Color the right numbers of pictures. Coloring pages with numbers activities.
  • Learn and count numbers from 1 to 10.

Dots to dots games

free printable preschool Dots to dots games, Connect the dots kids games

  • Connect the dots kids games to learn numbers and have fun coloring numbers pages.
  • Count forward and backward numbers up to 100.
Math and arts free printable preschool math worksheets, color by numbers math activities

  • Free printable preschool numbers and colors activities.
  • Kids learn to count numbers of objects and then color the right number.
Shapes free printable preschool shapes math worksheets, preschool shapes math activities, preschool numbers math lesson plans

  • Free printable preschool Shapes Recognition Worksheets
  • Shapes coloring pages to help kids learn five basic shapes - square, rectangle, triangle, circle, and star.

Cross out and counting

free printable preschool cross out and counting games

  • Cross out one and then count how many left. Teach numbers 1 to 10. Build up counting skills.
  • Fun math games for kids. Flowers theme worksheets, toys worksheets.

Pattern games

free printable Math numbers patterns worksheets. patterns games

  • Read the picture and recognize repeating patterns with shapes or animal pictures
  • Easy math patterns game for kids to continue or complete the patterns.

Numerical Order

free printable Order numbers 1 to 20 worksheets. Introduce concepts of ordering numbers., preschool math lesson plans

  • Cut out the numbers and paste them in numerical order on the worksheets.
  • Order numbers 1 to 20. Introduce concepts of ordering numbers.
Numbers of the week

free printable preschool numbers worksheets, learning numbers math activities

  • From Monday to Sunday, teachers can teach numbers 1 to 12 to kids each day.
  • Each printable number worksheet with farm animal theme, ocean animals theme.
Math operations - picture addition

free printable Color by numbers worksheets, preschool math lesson plans

  • Preschool addition math worksheets. Introduce the concept of adding numbers to preschoolers.
  • Count pictures and do simple single digit addition.
Math operations - picture subtraction

free printable preschool picture subtraction math worksheets, Math operations lesson plan

  • Preschool kids count pictures and do simple single digit subtraction worksheets.
  • Kids learn subtracting single digit numbers up to 10.

More or fewer

free printable preschool More or fewer games

  • Count and compare numbers. Identify the set that has fewer or more.
  • Teach preschoolers concepts of comparing and greater and fewer.

Tally math worksheet

free printable Tally worksheets, counting and tally marks preschool math lesson plans

  • Count the pictures and write tally marks on the worksheet.
  • Beginning tally numbers worksheets.

Numbers flashcards

free printable preschool Dots to dots games, Connect the dots kids games

  • Math flash cards for your preschoolers to learn numbers 1 - 12.
  • Teachers can cut numbers into individual number card and play fun math games.

Numbers 1 to 10 representation

number representation in animals

  • Animals flash cards for number representation from 1 to 10

Compare 2 numbers

free printable preschool Compare numbers wroksheets, Connect the dots kids games

  • Compare 2 single digit numbers and answer questions.
  • Pre-k worksheets for advanced kids at 4-5 years old.

Skip counting worksheets

free printable preschool Skip counting numbers wroksheets, Skip counting numbers games

  • Count by 2s, count by 5s preschool counting activities.
  • Skip-counting pre-k worksheets numbers up to 50.
Solve math problems

free printable preschool Solve math problems wroksheets

  • Help preschoolers develop math patterns, math operations ideas and thinking.
  • Write down and solve their own math problems.

Make numbers

free printable preschool logical reasoning and numbers wroksheets, Connect the dots kids games

  • Free printable numbers worksheets to make a set of numbers.
  • Advanced math worksheets. Can use for pre-k/kindergarten level.

Fill missing numbers

free printable preschool fill in missing numbers games, free preschool math games

  • Kids math games, Write the missing numbers on the preschool worksheets.
  • Skip counting numbers 1 to 20.

Fraction worksheet

free printable fraction worksheets. preschool fractions math lesson plans

  • Teach preschoolers the basic idea about fraction and half concept.
  • Finish drawing the symmetric pictures.
Introduce Numbers lesson plan

Numbers preschool lesson plan and learning numbers preschool activities. This lesson plan will teach preschool children numbers from 1 to 10.

  • Your preschoolers will be able to identify the numbers.
  • will be able to count the numbers one through ten .
  • show the numbers one through ten using manipulative.

Number Songs and books
- The Twleve Days of Christmas
- Old MacDonald Had a Farm
- The Number March
- Ten Little Monkeys
- Mouse Count: a classic one to ten counting book for children

Print out lesson plans and teaching themes materials:

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