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Groundhog day 1st grade lesson plans and activities

    Free first grade China lesson plans, Chinese culture units

  1. Groundhog day unit title page
    Free printable title page for your Groundhog day unit and activities.

  2. Groundhog Day History
    Learn history about the groundhog day and the Punxsutawney Phil is the weather forecasting groundhog.

  3. Groundhog facts
    Learn Fun Facts About Groundhogs.Free groundhogs photos and pictures.

  4. Groundhog questions
    Learn Fun Facts About Groundhogs.Free groundhogs photos and pictures. Reading comprehension skills worksheets.

  5. Groundhog compound words
    Groundhog is a compound word. Try to create more compound words with this worksheet.

  6. Groundhog story
    Write story about Groundhogs. Free printable 1st grade writing skills worksheets.

  7. Groundhog day craft projects
    Easy craft ideas for kids to celebrate the Groundhog day. Teachers print out the groundhog shape, tree shape, and the sun shape. Ask your students to cut and paste these shapes into the top of a hard paper. Then draw shadows of the Groundhog and tree. This page also has a printable Groundhog day poem.

  8. Groundhog board border
    Free printable bulletin board border or bulletin board trim for your classroom to celebrate Groundhog day.

  9. Groundhog day writing paper
    Free printable primary lined Groundhog day writing paper for elementary students.

  10. Groundhog day border paper
    Free printable Groundhog day groundhogs border paper.