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1st Grade

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Sentences 1st grade lesson plans and activities

    Free first grade sentences language lesson plans, sentences language theme units and activities printable sheets

  1. Complete sentences
    Find out what is a complete sentences. Free printable grade one grammar worksheets on sentences.

  2. Basic Sentence Parts
    Free printable grammar worksheets on Basic Sentence Parts. There are eight parts of an English sentence: verbs, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. Students will learn naming part and action part in this lesson plan.

  3. Kinds of English sentences
    Learn different kinds of English sentences. Exclamatory sentences,question sentence, telling sentence, statement, command sentence. Free printable English sentence worksheets for kids to learn identify the kind of sentence.

  4. Correct Sentences
    Circle the correct sentences. Learn identify complete correct sentences. Grammar worksheets for 1st grade students to learn English language.

  5. Nouns and Pronouns
    Identify Nouns and Pronouns of a sentences. Write special nouns correctly. Free printable nouns worksheets for English sentences lesson plan.

  6. Special Nouns and Pronouns
    Corect special nouns. Write pronouns to take the place of underlined words.

  7. Write correct sentences
    Picture writing worksheet. Ask your students to write telling sentences and questions about the picture.

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