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Pond animals 1st grade lesson plans and activities

    Free first grade pond animals lesson plans, pond animals theme units and activities printable sheets

  1. Pond animals pictures and facts
    Pond animals include frogs, birds, crayfish, insects, fish, and turtles. Some pond animals live above the water, like ducks,and others live in the area surrounding the pond, like beaver. Free printable pond animals pictures with short and easy descriptions about fun facts and interesting facts for kids about each pond animals.

  2. Pond animals flash cards
    Free printable pond animals flashcards that you can cut into individul card as memory card to play memory games or show your class room wet plant animals.

  3. Pond animals letters activities
    Free printable pond animals alphabetical worksheets for kids to trace and practice letters, learn pond animals words starting with this letter.

  4. Pond animals ABC order worksheets
    Free printable alphabetical order worksheets for kids to learn wet land animals names and spelling. Help kids to build up their vacabulary list. Free first grade pond animals lesson plans, pond animals theme units and activities printable sheets

  5. Pond animals word puzzle
    Free printable word puzzle for kids to search for pond animals names and learn spelling.

  6. Pond animals word scramble games
    Free printable scramble games for kids to practice pond animals names words.

  7. Pond animals counting games
    Free printable counting pond animals games for kids to learn numbers and counting activities. Free printable primary counting math worksheets.

  8. Color by number Pond animals math worksheets
    Free printable pond animals theme counting and color by number fun math worksheets. Print out frog worksheet, fly worksheet, and goldfish color by number worksheet page, etc.

  9. Pond animals coloring pages
    Free printable pond animals coloring pictures. Print out toad color page,goldfish coloring page, etc.

  10. Pond animals arts activities
    Free printable pond animals drawing pages. Step by step learn how to draw pond animals like frog and dragonfly. Free printable pond animals writing paper for kids, pond animals theme primary lined letterhead and stationery

  11. Pond animals coloring name tags
    Free printable pond animals coloring picture name tags for kids. Print out and color frog name tags, goldfish nametag, shrimp name tag templates, and free turtle kids coloring name tag.

  12. Pond animals free printable writing paper
    Free printable pond animals theme kids writing paper. Print out funny singing frog pond animal stationery, dragonfly letterhead, free printable goldfish kids writing sheet, and cartoon earthworm and flowers free printable children's primary lined writing paper.

  13. Pond animals eggs booklet
    Free printable chicken shape animal eggs booklet. Teachers can print out this booklet template and ask your students to write aobut pond animal eggs, such as frog eggs, turtle eggs, and other pond animals that lay eggs. Use describing words and write complete sentences to create your own eggs book. Inclues egg book title page.

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