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1st Grade

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Free Printable 1st Grade Worksheets and Games

English Language Worksheets and Activities

free printable writing templates for first grade students

  • Frist grade writing activities sheets

  • Free printable writing worksheets, writing prompts, mini-book templates, and paragraph writing practice sheets.

  • Compound words for kids

  • Teach first grade students learn compound words by break up compound words, or make compound words with 2 small words.

  • Daily language review
  •   2  
    Daily English language review worksheets for your 1st graders to learn English sentences, alphabet activities, English grammar basics, spelling and vavobulary build up.

  • Word wall flash cards

  • Free printable 1st grade high frequency word wall cards. Print out and cut into individual cards to help kids build up English vocabulary.

  • Rhyming words and games

  • Print out beginning level rhyming word list for kids, rhyming games, and rhyming words worksheets.

  • Reading journal templates

  • A printable activity template for grade one students to write book reviews and problem solving.

    English language worksheets for first grade students and teachers

  • Describing words worksheets

  • English worksheets for first grade students to learn describing words and use adjectives to describe picture, people, and objects.

  • Opposite words for kids

  • opposite words games and worksheets for first grade students to learn basic opposite words and antonyms.

  • Phonics games and worksheets
  • Learn phonics word family,fill in the missing letters phonics games, and unscrable the words.

    First Grade Math Games and Worksheets

  • Addition worksheets tool
  • addition facts worksheets for first grade
    Free online math software for teachers and parents to create your own printable worksheets every time refresh your computer browser. Can also generate Math drill worksheetss for teachers to use in class room. Include single digit vertical and horizontal addition worksheets.

  • Adding zero and adding ten math worksheets

  • Print out addition fact table and addition facts worksheets for first grade students to practice adding 2 numbers. Worksheets with different themes like jungle animals, farm animals, toys, etc. Free printable word problems math worksheets for first grade students

  • Create math equations worksheets

  • First grade math tool for teachers and parents to make your own worksheets about missing addends worksheets, fill in missing numbers worksheet.

  • Word problems

  • 1st grade math word problems for kids to read math problems and understand/solve the problems.

  • Math Patterns

  • Picture patterns, counting patterns, and number patterns. Cool math games for kids to learn patterns.

  • Subtraction facts table and worksheets

  • Free printable introduction subtraction worksheets and subtraction math tables for first grade students. Numbers up to 20.

    Free printable number line worksheets for first grade students
  • Balance math equations

  • Students learn to solve math equations problems and fill in the missing addend to balance math equations. Two steps problems with mixed addition and subtraction operations.

  • Color by number activities

  • Students need to follow directions and solve single digit addition and subtraction math problems. Then color pictures by numbers from the answer.

  • Counting and tally marks

  • Count numbers and write tally marks, or work the other way to read tally marks and write down number. first grade math games and worksheets

  • Number line worksheets

  • Students solve addition and subtraction problems with number line, or create their own math problems from number lines. Use these worksheets to help students improve their problem solving skills.

  • Number sentences and equation math problems

  • First grade write number sentences and math equations worksheets. Students need to count the pictures and solve the math problems.

  • Subtraction math worksheets

  • Free printable grade 1 subtracting numbers math worksheets tool for school teachers and parent to create and print out subtraction math sheets

  • Estimating math worksheets

  • Free printable grade 1 subtracting numbers math worksheets to
  • Shape and Math Crafts Projects

  • Geometry shapes worksheets and craft projects for 1st grade students to learn and use shapes.

    First grade lesson plans and themes

  • 100 days of school
  • Celebrate 100 days of school math projects, games, and craft activities.

  • Sentences
  • English language review and practice. Learn complete sentences.

    Print out lesson plans and teaching themes materials:

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