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1st Grade

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China 1st grade lesson plans and Scrapbook about China

    Free first grade China lesson plans, Chinese culture units

  1. Map of China and facts about China
    Learn interesting facts about China. Study map of China to learn the physical and regional maps.

  2. Chinese inventions
    Learn about Chinese inventions, fireworkds, compass, kite, abacus, etc. Match words to pictures.

  3. The Great Wall of China
    Read facts about the Great Wall of China. Answer questions about the Great Wall of China.

  4. Alphabet Activities
    Write China words in ABC order.Free printable China theme alphabet activity.

  5. The flag of China
    Ask your students to make a flag of China. Use yellow paper to cut the stars and red paper as the flag body.

  6. Chinese Zodiac
    Chinese Zodiac is a kind of calendar or a 12-year cycle that relates each year to an animal and its attributes. Giant panda lesson plan, great wall unit, Chinese zodiac lesson plan

  7. Giant panda
    The giant panda is very famous. The giant panda bear is loved by kids and is a national treasure in China. Write about giant panda.

  8. Giant panda facts
    Giant panda pictures. Read interesting facts about Giant panda. Draw giant panda picture.

  9. Chinese numbers
    Learn Chinese numbers 1 to 10, hundred, and thousand.Practice writing numbers in Chinese. Fun activities for 1st grade students.

  10. Traditional Chinese clothes
    Traditional Chinese clothes pictures. Fun facts about Traditional Chinese clothes.

  11. Giant panda coloring pictures
    Free printable giant panda eating bamboo coloring picutre with real colors.

  12. Chinese dragon
    Dragon coloring picture. Interesting facts about Chinese dragon. Write 2 facts about Chinese dragon.

  13. Chinese dragon printables
    Free printable dragon writing paper. Chinese dragon coloring pictures.

  14. Chinese dragon border paper
    Free printable Chinese dragon border paper stationery. Firing dragons,fighting dragons, and funny dragons.

  15. Traditional Chinese coloring pictures
    Traditional Chinese style pictures for kids to color. Chinese Zodiac coloring pictures, Chinese food coloring pictures, Chinese vase and decorations coloring picture, and chinese birds coloring pictures.

  16. Giant panda poem
    Free printable Chinese giant panda poem with cute panda pictures.