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1st Grade

2nd Grade

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First grade rhyming words worksheets

Write words that rhyme

English rhyming words worksheets Free printable 1st grade rhyming words
Grade one English rhyming words language arts worksheets.

Rhyming words activities
Write 3 words that rhyme with flag jar, frog, gift, glue

First grade rhyming words worksheet
Write words that rhyme with goat, shark, pig and bat animals words.

Write words that rhyme
Free printable toys rhyming words exercise. Find rhyming words for toy, block, bike, slide.

Rhyming games

English rhyming words games Rhyming words matching game
Draw a line to match each pair of words that rhyme.

Picture rhyming words worksheet
Read pictures and match name of the pictures that rhyme.

Picture rhyming games
Free printable rhyming words matching game.

Kids rhyming words games
Draw a line to match rhyming words:lake/cake, noon/moom, duck/truck kite/light, chair/bear, three/key, bread/bed, mail/nail.

Rhyming words for kids
match rhyming words:far, men, pour, sled, can, three,snail, fog, four, head, bee, ten, jar, man, log, pail.

Rhyming words worksheets
matching rhyming words:far, eye/fly, lock/clock, cone/bone, toy/boy, then/ten, pop/top, zoo/too, red/bed

Rhyming words for kids list

Print out common ryhming words for kids or check rhyming words online.

word that rhymes with ack - back, lack, pack, rack, sack, tack, black, knack, quack, slack, smack, snack, stack, track

word that rhymes with ail - bail, fail, pail, mail, nail, pail, tale, rail, sail, snail, whale, detail, email

word that rhymes with air - air, bare, bear, care, chair, dare, fair, glare, hair, pair, bear, wear, chair, flare, stare, scare, share, spare, square, there, where, aware, beware, compare,repair, unfair

word that rhymes with ake - bake,cake, fake, lake, make, rake, take, brake, break, flake, quake, snake, steak, awake, mistake, shake slake spake stake wake

word that rhymes with all - all bawl brawl call crawl doll fall gall hall haul kall mall maul pall sall scrawl shawl small spall sprawl squall stall tall wall appall baseball install metall

word that rhymes with an - ban can clan dan fan gan man pan plan ran scan span s tan than van

word that rhymes with ell - cell dell fell gel hell jell knell sell shell smell spell swell tell well yell excel hotel impel intel motel nevel nouvelle

word that rhymes with ate - crate date eight fate gate grate great hate late mate plate skate slate state straight strait trait wait weight

word that rhymes with en - den, hen, men, pen, ten, glen, hen, then, when, wren, zen

word that rhymes with and -and, band, hand, land, sand, bland,brand, gland, grand, command, demand, expand, stand, understand

Print out lesson plans and teaching themes materials:

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