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Basic Concepts Preschool activities and worksheets

Free preschool and early childhood basic concepts worksheets, preschool Opposites Activities,match games, preschool group things worksheets and more.

First and last

Teach kids about basic concepts of First and last object.

Color sorting games

Learn basic colors. Sort objects by color. Cut and paste activities.

Find the Difference

Kids reading worksheets to find the one that is different. Find difference in shapes, letters, pictures.

day or night

Learn time concepts of day and night. AM or PM picture free kids games. preschool lessons plans, more or fewer, less, first and last

Group things

Match things that go together. Kids educational games for learning.

Happy or sad

Recognizing happy and angry, happy and sad. Learn emotions and feelings worksheets.

Long and short

Learning long and short kids worksheets. Free online learning resources. Free free preschool Colors activities, free preschool learning Colors games,free preschool children worksheets, free printable early childhood Colors lessons plans

Match games

Free games for kids to match things that go together and practice reading skills.

More or less

Teachers use worksheets to introduce preschoolers concepts of comparing.

Opposite games

Teach preschoolers concepts of opposite. Match pairs of opposite words and opposite animals.

Position words

Teach preschoolers up and down, top, bottom, on, off, position words. preschool lessons plans, preschool worksheets, basic concepts, size

Sizes Preschool activities

Small things, big things.Free printable preschool worksheets to teach kids sizes.

Smallest and biggest

Free printable preschool/day care centers smallest and biggest basic size concepts.

Print out lesson plans and teaching themes materials:

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