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Free Color Worksheets and Activities

color matching game Free printable color worksheets in PDF format. Our collection of preschool colors worksheets will help kids learn to recognize basic colors, learn to read and write color names and color words - black, red, white, green, orange, purple, grey, pink, yellow. Kids can also pay color games by matching color words to pictures, coloring pictures following the true colors of objects in real world.

There are total 10 collections and more than 100 pages of worksheet in this collection. All ready for you to print out and easy to use. Copyright 2013 Free for non-commercial use.

    • Color recognition worksheets

    • Free printable color worksheets to teach kids basic colors and help them recognize basic colors like pink, grey, red, black, green, orange, yellow.

    • Color by number worksheets

    • There are two kinds of worksheets in this section. The first one is for students to count numbers of objects in the page and then color the exact number of pictures required in the directions. The second kind is for kids to use a different color of crayon for each number in the page. Color recognition worksheets

    • Coloring biggest or smallest

    • Look at the pictures, compare the size of the pictures, or the length, the height of the objects, and then follow directions to color the bigger/biggest one, the taller or shorter one, or the smaller/smallest one.

    • Count by color worksheets

    • Counting and coloring activities sheets for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten students to practice color and counting skills.They need to recognize colors of different pictures in the page and count objects by their colors, then answer the questions.

    • Color matching games

    • Free printable color matching worksheet for children to practice color recognition and visual discrimination skills. Each worksheet has two sets of pictures that has different colors. Or one set of pictures in different colors and a set of color words on the other side. Students need to connect and match the objects or color words bsed on the colors presented. color names preschool activities

    • Colors of seasons

    • 4 seasons of seasonal color. what colors you can associate with each season. Showing tree pictures based on the four seasons

    • Color Words Posters

    • PDF format full letter size printouts that can be used as flash cards or class room posters to teach kids color names and color words. Each page has a bright picture to show the color.

    • Coloring with the right color activities

    • Print out the PDF format coloring pages for students to follow the directions and color the pictures. Students will learn the basic knowledge of true colors of fruits, animals, vegetables, and build up the common sense of what colors are impossible for certain things. trace and write color words

    • Trace and write color words

    • Color and color name recognition. Trace and write color words with pictures that show the color. Students will need to trace each word three times to help them memorize.

    • Color sorting games

    • Sort animals, toys, plants, or trucks pictures by their colors. This collection can also be used train kids motor skills.

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