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Kindergarten Math Worksheets and Math Activities

kindergarten games, kindergarten education, free printable kindergarten games Kindergarten math worksheets. kindergarten math worksheets free printable for your class room or home schooling homework. Free printable kindergarten math activity. kindergarten math quiz sheets for kindergarten teachers for daily math review.

Browser through list of pre-k/kindergarten math games and print out for your students. Kids can work on the math worksheets in classroom or at home as extra math homework. Easy, fun, and educational!


free printable kindergarten math worksheets, numbers worksheets for kids

  • Ordinal numbers, problem-solving skills,Number sense, Odd and even numbers
  • Kindergarten students practice writing the nubmers and the number words.
  • Color by number,order by numbers, Number Recognition Flash Cards, dots to dots games.

free printable kindergarten shapes math worksheets, kindergarten shapes math activities, kindergarten numbers math lesson plans

  • Learn basic shapes, labeling shapes for circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, ovals and diamonds.
  • Names of shape recognition worksheets for kindergarten students
  • Free printable shapes worksheets for kids to match shapes, color shapes.
Adding Pictures

adding pictures worksheets for kindergarten and preschool students

  • Kindergarten picture addition worksheeets
  • Adding dinosuars pictures, Sea animals, farm animals math worksheets.
  • sums up to 10 Beginner addition math worksheets for kindergarten students.
Adding 2 Numbers

kindergarten adding numbers math worksheets, free printable kindergarten numbers addition math activities, kindergarten dynamic math worksheets

  • Horizontal addition worksheets, vertical addition math worksheets.
  • Dynamic kindergarten math worksheet generator for unlimited printable worksheets.
  • Adding numbers up to 10
Subtracting Pictures

kindergarten math worksheets, free printable kindergarten subtraction math activities, kindergarten subtracting pictures math lesson plans

  • Subtracting pictures free printable kindergarten math worksheets.
  • Ocean animals and butterfly subtraction worksheets
  • Numbers up to 10. Beginning subtraction math worksheets for kindergarten teachers.
Subtracting Numbers

kindergarten worksheets, math worksheets for kindergarten, free math worksheets for kids

  • Horizontal and Kindergarten math worksheets
  • Farm animals, pets, dragons math worksheets numbers up to 10 .
  • Online kindergarten math worksheet generator that you can get unlimited printable worksheets.
Counting Worksheets counting kindergarten math worksheets, numbers and counting math skills, learn to count

  • Kids counting game, Counting by 2 and 5, count and tally
  • Kids skip-counting worksheets, before and after numbers, fill in missing numbers.
Money Worksheets

kindergarten adding numbers math worksheets, free printable kindergarten numbers addition math activities, kindergarten dynamic math worksheets

  • Read Coin values money worksheets for kindergarten
  • Counting pennies and nickels money kindergarten math worksheets
  • Read Coin names kindergarten math worksheets

patterns kindergarten math worksheets, number patterns, shape patterns worksheets

  • Kindergarten patterns worksheets to find patterns, color patterns
  • Counting patterns, numbers pattern, create a pattern, follow the pattern
  • Algebra thinking. Use a pattern, fill in the missing games.
Positions and Measurement

measurement kindergartenmath worksheets, free printable kindergarten measurement math worksheets

  • Compare capacity, more or less, weight, big and biggest,
  • Learn more or fewer, compare numbers
  • Length, long or short, above or below, opposite, tall and short.

free printable kindergarten math worksheets, sorting worksheets for kids

  • Kindergarten hands-on sorting worksheets and sorting games, logical reasoning sorting worksheets.
  • Kindergarten students explain sorting rules, what doesn't belong games.
  • Alike and different sorting game, sort by color, by kind, by size.

Time and calendar kindergartenmath worksheets, free printable kindergarten time math worksheets

  • Ways to say time. Read clock time. Draw the clock to show time.
  • Learn appropriate time units. Read a calendar practice. Calendar game.
  • AM or PM time math problems.

free printable kindergarten math worksheets, kindergarten compare numbers, kindergarten numbers math lesson plans

  • Kindergarten Math Worksheets for pre-k/kindergarten students to compare 2 single digit numbers.
  • Free printabel math worksheets for kindergarten teachers.
  • Larger numbers, more or less.Write <, >, or =.

free printable kindergarten fraction worksheets, fractions, fractionset worksheets for kids

  • Introduce fraction concepts. Parts of a group , show the fractions, show half free math fractionset worksheets
  • Free printable fractions math problem worksheets
  • Math problem solving

  • Number guessing and number sense worksheets to help kindergarteners solve math problems. Build up creative thinking skills.
  • Picture Graphing worksheets

  • Students need to read the picture graphs and answer questions, or record data in graphs.

Free Kindergarten Math lesson plans and Math Games

Free printable kindergarten words learning activities, free kindergarten math and reading worksheets,free kids learning activites, free printable early childhood worksheets from on website: http://prek-8.com. Kindergarten Math