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Valentine's Day Free Games

 Valentine's games, free kids games, online games for kids Valentine's day odd one out game
Online Observation games for kids to play and celebrate Valentine's day. Read Valentine's day picures and find which one is different. Valentine's day iPad/iPhone.iTouch games.

Valentine's day greetings puzzle
Free puzzle games for kids to play celebrate Valentine's day. Interactive online greeting card puzzle. Play this game on your iPad/iPhone/iTouch.

More online puzzles to play with Valentine's day theme:

Valentine's day Chocolate puzzle     Valentine's girl puzzle     Teddy bear puzzle     Red rose puzzle     Pink rose puzzle

More free games to celebrate Valentine's Day

online puzzle games, free computer games, free games for kids

  • Alphabet games  
    Alphabetical order games for kids to drag and drop Valentine's day words into ABC order. Fun online English language arts games for elementary school students.

  • Connect the dots game  
    Free printable games for kids to connect dots and get a Valentine's day flower coloring picture.

  • Counting games: Count up to 10     Count up to 20
    Fun preschool games for young kids 3-5 to count numbers up to 10 and learn to read numbers 1 to 10. Free online Valentine's day games for preschoolers and kindergarteners to have fun. Interactive math game for players to play math games on iPad/iPhone/iTouch.

  • Memory game   1     2
    Free memory and observation computer games for kids to play celebrate Valentine's day. Interactive online Valentine's day memory games with lots of sweet pictures. Play this game on your iPad/iPhone/iTouch.

  • Advanced memory game   1     2
    This is a more advanced online memory game for bigger kids and adults to play for Valentine's day. Interactive computer game for players to match roses pictures and Valentine's sweet hearts. Play this game on your iPad/iPhone/iTouch.

  • Pattern games   1   2   3  
    Valentine's day patterns computer game for kids to play online and learn patterns. Young children need to find patterns, pattern recognition and drag and drop the right picture to continue the pattern.

  • Sorting games  
    Valentine's day sorting game for kids to play online and learn sort objects by holiday and themes. Develop categorizing skills. Sort Valentine's day pictures from Halloween pictures.

Print out lesson plans and teaching themes materials:

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