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Free Printable Numbers Worksheets

Print out preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and elementary numbers worksheets for students to learn read and write numbers and number words, count and sort numbers, compare numbers, use logical reasoning and guessing, and build up number sense and math skills.

    1st/ 2nd grade     3rd grade     Pre-k/Kindergarten

1st grade / 2nd grade numbers worksheets and activities

first grade color by number worksheets
  • Color by numbers
  • First grade students need to Solve math problems to find the answer and then color the pictures.

first grade tally number worksheets
  • Tally numbers
  • Count the tally marks and write down the number. Read write tally marks.

first grade Write number sentences worksheets
  • Write number sentences
  • Write a number addition sentence based on the pictures.

first gradenumber lines worksheets
  • Number line worksheets
  • solve problems with number line or create math equations from the number line.

skip counting numbers
  • Skip counting worksheets
  • ree online grade 1 skip counting problems by 5, by 10 up to 100.

fill in the missing numbers
  • Fill in the missing numbers
  • Recognize counting patterns and number sequences and complete or continue.

  • Cross out numbers
  • Cross out one and then write how many are left in each row of the worksheet.

  • Fill even number math worksheets
  • Fill the missing even numbers in order.

  • Write number words
  • Write Numbers in Standard Form. convert numbers in words to Expanded form.

  • Numbers ordering worksheets
  • 2nd grade numbers worksheets to Order 3, 4 digits numbers up to 10000

  • Ordinal and cardinal numbers
  • Match ordinal number words to ordinal numbers math games. Learn ordinal number words and positions.

  • Ordinal numbers word problems
  • 2nd grade ordinal numbers math worksheets for kids to solve word problems and tell ordinal position of things.

3rd grade numbers worksheets and activities

  • Halfway numbers Activities
  • Draw number line and find halfway number.

  • Problem solving
  • Use reasoning and clues to guess numbers 3rd grade worksheets.

  • Write numbers in different ways
  • Use standard form, expanded form, and word form to write numbers.

  • Round numbers
  • Use place value to compare and round numbers.

  • Order numbers worksheets
  • Use standard form, expanded form, and word form to write numbers.

  • Compare numbers worksheets
  • Compare and order numbers use place value.

  • Rounding numbers worksheets
  • Round to Tens, nearest hundred and nearest hundred-thousand.

  • 3rd grade number pattern worksheets
  • Continue the pattern math games for elementary school kids.

  • Estimate numbers worksheets
  • number estimation games for kids ( grade 3 students). Estimate quotients, Estimate products Solve math problems using estimation.

  • Number reasoning worksheets
  • Third grade Logical reasoning math worksheets for students to use reasoning to solve number problems

Print out lesson plans and teaching themes materials:

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