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     free kindergarten phonics games, kids phonics scramble games, missing vowels games

Free Phonics Games and Worksheets

Free 2nd grade and 3rd grade phonics games, phonics scramble games, missing middle consonant games, and stuck in the middle phonics word puzzles, etc. Free printable picture phonics worksheets for kids to learn and practice phonics and reading skills.Perfect for young kids to start building up reading skills!

Middle consonants
Stuck in the middle sound is that some words have a middle consonant sound.Free printable picture phonics game and phonics worksheets for 2nd grade and 3rd grade students.

Ending sound
Ending sound is the last sound in a word. Fill in the missing ending sound worksheet, match words to pictures phonics worksheet,unscramble the words kids phonics games, etc.

Long vowel sound
Phonics long vowel sounds and 2 vowels that have the long vowel sound words, worksheets and games. Students can learn the rules of the sound and practice a-consonant-e, ai, ay, o-consonant-e, oe, oa, or ow, e-consonant-e, ee, ea, y (i) sound, and more fun and educational phonics exercies.

Slient letters
Phonics worksheets and phonics activities for 3rd grade students to learn silent letters. Free printable fun and educational kids phonics exercies.

Vowel digraphs
A phonics vowel digraph is two vowels that make one sound, such as long a sound ei, ey, long e sound ei, ey, ie in thief, long i sound it in tie, long u sound ue and ui. Vowel digraph ea, oo, au, aw phonics workshets and flash cards.

Vowel diphthongs
Phonics vowel diphthongs ( oi oy ew au aw ow ou ) are two vowels that make a new sound, like oi in coin, oy in boy, ew in new, ou in house, ow in flowers. Print out these free vowel diphthongs phonics worksheets an dphonics games for your 3rd grade students or any phonics learners.

Phonics Activity Sheets and free printables

Free printable kids phonics learning activities, free phonics reading worksheets,free kids learning activites, free printable early childhood worksheets from on website: http://prek-8.com.

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Free printable kindergarten words and kindergarten games