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1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade



Phonics ending sound worksheets

Free 2nd grade and 3rd grade phonics ending sound games,ending sound phonics scramble games, missing middle consonant games, and stuck in the middle phonics word puzzles, etc. Free printable picture phonics worksheets for kids to learn and practice phonics and reading skills.Perfect for young kids to start building up reading skills!

Fill in the missing ending sound
free 3rd grade phonics games, kids phonics scramble games, missing vowels games

Circle the right ending sound

Match and draw
Draw a line to match words with the correct ending sounds. Draw your own picture to show ending sounds.

Unscramble the Words

Phonics Activity Sheets and free printables

Free printable kids phonics learning activities, free phonics reading worksheets,free kids learning activites, free printable early childhood worksheets from on website: http://prek-8.com.

Vowels worksheets and games
Phonics vowel sounds , vowel digraph and vowel diphthongs worksheets and games.

Consonants worksheets and games
Free printable picture phonics worksheets on consonants and consonants blend.

Phonics games and puzzles
Phonics scramble games, word search puzzles, fill in the missing letter games.

Phonics word families
Phonics word families, sight words, worksheets and word wall resources.

Early reading worksheets

Free printable 3rd grade words and 3rd grade games