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Sharks free printouts and worksheets

Learning themes ----> Sea Animals

shark, fun facts about shark, shark worksheets and games for kids
Introduction to sharks

Information for school teachers to share and teach your students about shark size, body shapes of shark, shark category, shark skeleton, shark teeth, shark habitat, and shark evolution.

Fun facts about shark

Free printable fun facts about shark with shark photos.

Shark photos and cliparts

Shark photos and cliparts for your educational use. Perfect for preschool, kindengarten, and elementary school teachers to print out and teach their students about sharks. The great white shark photo, tiger shark in deepsea photo, whale shark photo, hammerhead shark photo, and printable shark cliparts.

Shark body parts

Free printable shark body parts image for teachers to show their students.

Shark word book

Free printable shark word book pages with shark photos for students to create their own shark mini book. Read shark name words white shark, tiger shark, hammerhead shark, whale shark with photos.

Shark tails science worksheet

Free printable writing worksheets for kids to learn write sea animals words starting with letter s starfish, seahorse, shark, and seashell.