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Sea Animal Lesson Plan and Theme

Activities     A to Z List   Fun Facts

comparing sizes of ocean animals
Comparing ocean animals

Compare the sizes of the sea animals and order them from the smallest to biggest.
draw and write about your favorite sea animals
My favorite sea animals

Draw and write to describe your favorite sea animals.
more or less activity sheet
More or less

Compare numbers between two groups of ocean animals and select the one has more.
fish drawing activity printout
Drawing and writing about fish

Complete drawing of fish tails and pretend to be a fish and write a short story.
turtle drawing and writing activity sheet
If I were a turtle

Draw on the turtle's shells. Creative writing about being a turtle.
turtle drawing and writing activity sheet
Learn to draw fish

Step by step instructions to teach kids how to draw a simple cartoon fish.
what doesn't belong? group things
What does not belong?

Beginning reading activities for kids to read pictures and group things together.
match sea animals pictures to their names
Matching games

Draw lines to match sea animal pictures to their names.
Fill in the missing letters word games
Fill in the missing letters

Learn sea animals words by completing word games.
sea animals coloring activities
Coloring activity - red and green

Color the turtle green and color the fish red. Write color words.
odd one out
Odd one out

Read pictures and find the one that is different to build up observation skills.
make a sea animal bookmark
Make a sea animal bookmark
  Turtle bookmark
Fun craft activity to make 6 sets of your own colourful bookmarks to get children into reading
sea animals counting activities
Count and write numbers

Count how many se stars, shells, and dophins and write down answers.
make your own ocean animal alphabet book
Alphabet book template

Print out 6 booklet pages and make your own picture alphabet book. Ask students to trace letters and learn animal names.
beginning sound of sea animals
Beginning sound

Look at the pictures and circle the ocean animals that start with the sound of S.
sea animals body parts and skeletal system diagram
Ocean animal body diagram

Science printouts: jellyfish cross section diagram, Crocodile skeleton, Dolphin anatomy diagram, parts of a shark, and deep sea fish skeletal system .
cut and paste sorting game
Sorting game

Sort ocean animals by how you like them. Cut and paste in that order.
 drawing Symmetrical picture
Symmetrical picture drawing

Students to finish drawing around the line of symmetry to get a complete a crab picture, a shark head, and an octpuss picture.
colorful ocean animals catroon picture poster
Ocean animals cartoon poster

Free printable bright color picture poster for teachers and parents to show kids many popular sea animals collections, sea weeds, and coral on the ocean floor. large size picture file, It may download slowly.
print out a sea animals mini book
Ocean animal mini-book template

Print out coloring pages of shrimp, seal, dophin, shark, whale, jellyfish,turtle, crab and write a short story about each animal your own make a mini book.
  1. Sea animals fun facts:

      Interesting facts about dolphins:

    • they sleep with one eye open.
    • The Killer Whale is actually a type of dolphin.
    • Female dolphins are called cows, males are called bulls and young dolphins are called calves.
    • Great White Sharks are the deadliest shark. They can swim at 30 km per hour and can go as long as three months without eating.
    • Sharks are immune to every known disease including cancer.
    • Sharks may grow over 20 000 teeth in its lifetime.

      Interesting facts about sharks:

    • Sharks can hear sound from as far as 500 metres away!
    • The baby sharks are called pups. Some shark species don't give birth to live pups. They lay eggs on the ocean floor and the pup hatches later on its own.

      Interesting facts about whales:

    • The blue whale can produce the loudest sound of any animal on the earth.
    • Whales are not fish. They are warm blooded and have a skeleton similar to human.
    • The blue whale is the largest known animal ever to have lived on the earth, can grow up to 100 tons and out-weigh the heaviest dinosaurs,

      Interesting facts about other ocean animals:

    • A scallop has 35 blue eyes.
    • Jellyfish outdate both dinosaurs and sharks.
    • The tentacles of the world's largest known jellyfish can reach a diameter of 8ft.
    • the Giant squid has the largest eye than any other animals.
    • The leafy seadragon is actually a type of sea horse. The female lays around 250 eggs and puts the eggs into a pouch of the male seadragon and eggs hatch there.

  2. Sea animals A to Z:

    A list of sea animals for kids:

    A: Angelfish, Abalone Ahi tuna

    B: Bass (fish) Beaver Blowfish Blue whale

    C: Clam Clown fish Cod Coral Crab Crayfish Crocodile

    D: Devil fish Dolphin

    E: Eel newt Elephant seal

    F: Fish Flatfish Flounder Frog

    G: Goldfish

    H: Halibut Harbor seal Hermit crab Horn shark Horseshoe crab Humpback whale

    I: Imperator Angelfish

    J: Jellyfish

    K: Killer whale Koi (fish) Krill

    L: Lionfish Lobster

    M: Manatee Manta ray Mantis ray Marlin Minnow Molly Mollusk Monkfish Moray Mullet Mussel Megaladon

    N: Narwhal Narwhal Nauplius Needlefish Nettlefish Northern pike Northern seahorse Norway lobster Nudibranch Nurse shark

    O: Octopus Orca Ostracod Otter Oyster

    P: Paddlefish Perch Piranha Plankton Praying mantis Puffer/Puffer fish Pupfish Python

    Q: Quahog Queen conch Queensland grouper Quillback

    R: Rainbow fish Rainbow trout Ratfish Ray

    S: Salmon Sand dollar Sandbar shark Sardine Sawfish Sea hog Seahorse Sea lions Sea urchin Seal Serpent Shark Shrimp Silverfish Silverside fish Smelts Sockeye salmon Sponge Spotted dolphin Squid Starfish Stickleback Stingray Sunfish Shellfish Swordfish

    T: Tadpole Tench Tiger shark Toadfish Tortoise Trout Tuna Turtle

    U: Urchin

    V: Velvet crab Viperfish Viper squid

    W: Walrus Waterdog Water-snake Whale Wreckfish Water Opossum

    X: X-Ray fish X-Ray tetra

    Y: Yapok Yellow-finned tuna

    Z: Zander Zebrashark Zebrafish

    Print out lesson plans and teaching themes materials:

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