Language Arts Review Quiz #11

  1. Correct the sentences.

    those is the big tree i ever see

  2. Correct the sentences.

    eric is making cards for valentines day

  3. Circle the nouns in this sentences.

    Mom took an umbrella and a cupcake to her car.

  4. How do you write more than one?

    glass       horse

  5. Fill the missing word.

       see : ocean    ::    present : ________

  6. Circle the words that need capital letters.

    mrs brandon tells mr guo to vivit her on friday

  7. Circle the words that go together.

    sheep     orange    goat     rabbit

  8. Which address is correct?

    a) 123 Matin Street, Cupertino CA    b) 123 Matin Street, Cupertino, CA    c) 123 Matin Street Cupertino, CA