Geese are birds. They are close to swans, which are bigger than them, and ducks, which are smaller than them.

Most geese are water birds. They have webbed feet, a streamlined body and thick plumage. They live along lakes, bays, rivers and marshes.

Geese migrate long distances in winter time. They fly 2000- 3000 miles to migrate.

Geese eat grasses, seeds and grains. They don't eat any meat.

Canada Goose is the most common goose kind we see in North American.

Geese can live up to about 20 years. They weigh up to 20-25 pounds.

Geese can fly up to 200 miles to find food, water, and avoid enemy.

Geese begin to nest when they are 3 years old. Geese lay every 5 eggs in a nest.

Baby geese are called "goslings".