Goldfish live in freshwater. They are small fish that are commonly kept as pets.

Goldfish can live up to more than 10 years.

If there are not enough lights, goldfish can turn almost gray.

Goldfish had been domesticated in China since thousands of years ago.

Goldfish are popular pond fish. They live in ponds easily unless the pond is freezing. The pond depth should be at least 30 to avoide freezing. It's also important to keep the pond clean for goldfish live healthy.

Goldfish usually stop eating, and often stay on the bottom of the pond during winter time. They will become active again in the spring.

The goldfish is a coldwater fish and can live in unheated room temperature comfortable for humans.

Although goldfish are popular pets for human beings, goldfish do not like to be touched.

Overfeeding goldfish can actually kill the goldfish. Goldfish should not be feeded more than 3 times a day.