Ducks are birds.They are smaller birds than swans and goose. They live in both fresh water and sea water. They are also called waterfowls because they like to play and feed in ponds and rivers.

Ducks can live from 2-12 years.

Ducks have water-proof feathers. They also have a layer of fluffy and soft feathers under water-proof feathers to keep them warm.

Ducks eat a variety of food such as grass,plants, fish, insects,and worms.

Ducks are useful to human beings. Ducks were first domesticated by the Chinese many hundreds of years ago. They produce excellent eggs and meat. Some comforters are made of ducks' feather (down).

Ducks live in most of the world except for Antarctica.

Ducks quack. But not all the ducks quack. Only the females of most dabbling ducks "quack". The males dabbling ducks quack.

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