Swans are amongst the largest flying birds. They can reach length of over 60 inches and weigh over 50 pounds. They are closely related to the Goose.

Swans have long necked and web-foot.Swans have the longest neck of any bird.

Swans can live up to twenty years in the wild, and even fifty years in a zoo!

Swans look for their food in the water and on land. They eat roots and tubers of water plants. Some swans eat grains on the land. The the Mute Swan can also eat fish.

Swans migrate in winter. When they migrate, they fly in flocks of twenty to forty birds. They can migrate over 2,000 miles,often flying over the sea.

According to Native American tradition, Swans represented "Grace".

Books and fable tales about swan

The Wild Swan: Danish Tale by Hans Christian Andersen

The Ugly Duckling, by Hans Christian Andersen