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Shrimps live on the river beds and ocean floors in nearly every environment around the world. They can live both in fresh water and in salt water.

There are more than 2,000 different species of shrimp worldwide.

Shrimps have short life span, usually live up to 1 year.

Shrimps can lay up to a million eggs at once. It takes a couple of weeks for shrimp eggs to hatch.

shrimp do not have a backbone and they are generally tiny in size.

Wild shrimps eat plants like seaweed and tiny fish.Wild shrimp have thicker shells than farmed shrimps.

Shrimps are related to the prawns.How to tell the difference between prawns and shrimps? Well, prawns have branching gills but shrimps don't.

Shrimp are an important food source for fish and other larger animals like whales. Shrimps are eaten by human being throughtout the world.

Mexico, Ecuador, China and India produce the majority of the farm raised white shrimp to the U.S.