Water Strider

Water Strider are insects. They are also known as pond skater, water bugs, magic bugs, and water skaters. There are around 500 known species throughout the world.

Water striders can be 1.6 mm to 36 mm in length. Water striders have long, dark, and narrow body, 6 legs.

The hind legs of Water striders have special structure and covered with large numbers of tiny hairs, making the legs waterproof and water resistance, which allow them to walk on water without sinking.

Water striders can move forward quickly with the middle pair of their legs on the surface of the water. They walk using the water surface tension.

Water striders eat small insects and larvae.Water striders do not bite human being.

Water striders can live several months. The adults Water striders hibernate through the winteralong the water's edge. They wake up in the spring and then die in the summer.

Depends on the species and the climate, some Water striders can live up to a year.