Crayfish are also called crawfish,mudbugs, or crawdads. They live in freshwater and look like small lobsters.

Most crayfish like clean water. They eat living and dead plants and animals.

On average, crayfish can grow up to 17.5 centimeters in length. Some crayfish can grow even larger.

Different species of crayfish have variety of colors. Crayfish can be red,black, brown, pink, blue, gray, green, and purple.

Cooked crayfish

Crayfish are eaten by human being around the world.Louisiana produces 90 percent of the crawfish in the world and 98% of the crayfish in United States.

Crayfish is a very popular dish cooked with pepper and hot chili in China.

Crayfish can also be kept as pets in freshwater aquariums.