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Fun Facts About Groundhogs

Groundhogs are also called woodchucks. They are mammals and rodents.

Groundhogs can climb trees and swim.

The average groundhog normally weighs from 12 to 15 pounds and is 20 about inches long.

Groundhogs have black hands with claws. They have 4 large fingers with a tiny thumb. Groundhogs have short legs, small ears, sensory whiskers, a short tail, strong jaws, and coarse brown-gray fur.

When groundhogs hibernate in cold winter, their body temperature drops to a few degrees above freezing, their heart barely beats, and their breathing almost stops.

A groundhog can usually live for 6 to 8 years. They live in northern parts of North America.

Groundhogs like to eat green plants. They eat grass, fruits, and vegetables but drink little water.